Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shaikh Khaalid 'Uthmaan on Calling A Salafy a Fattaan (Troublemaker)

Author: Shaikh Khaalid 'Uthmaan (hafithahullah)
Question posed and translated by Nasir Abu Abu Bakr

Q: Ya Shaykhanaa is it permissible -and this problem is frequent in the west- is it permissible for a SALAFY to say about another SALAFY who is well known (for Salafiyyah), to say about him that he is a troublemaker (fattaan); and then when he is asked for the evidence he doesn't give it or just shrugs it off?

A: This is not permissible, ask him for daleel. It is NOT permissible to accuse a Salafy who is a known Salafy of something then give no evidence!